Mikrospínač pro zámky V06

Výrobce: VIRO
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Kód produktu 303210
Značka Viro
Kategorie Elektr. zámky pro brány
Microswtich enables to know open/closed lock mechanism signal. Nominal Load: 5A 125/250V A.C. or 1A 48V D.C. Temperature Rating: -40°C to 85°C / 105°C. Degree of Protection: IP67. Possible uses examples::
  • when it is necessary to have a sure signal OPEN/CLOSE of the electric lock to be sent to the automatism control unit, moving the gate where it is installed;
  • in all cases when the remote control of the position of OPENING or CLOSING of a door or a gate is necessary;
  • to have a warning light placed away from the lock, for instance on the intercom (see electric diagram).